Garden Spaces

Schnormeier gardens have a distinct Asian flavor and feature a variety of plantings rich in color and texture. Rare conifers are plentiful here. Large boulders and stone walls add dimension and contrast to the landscape. Designed with a bold vision and attention to detail, the gardens offer delightful viewing in any season.


It has been said that a garden can have a soul…but only if it is shared with others. We are delighted to share ours with you.

The Chinese Cup Garden features two intimate cup shaped areas carved out of the hillside with cliffs formed out of numerous large boulders.

The principal feature of the Waterfalls Garden is the large waterfalls constructed in 1996.

The focal point of the Stream Garden is a four hundred foot long, six hundred gallon per minute roaring mountain stream.

The entire area behind the house and on top of the hill, surrounded by mature hardwoods, is referred to as Serenity Garden as it is the most serene area of the Gardens.

Take a leisurely half-mile long walk through a ravine and along a shady woodland stream.

The Hosta Garden contains over 50 different varieties of Hostas and nearly 3,000 individual specimens.

The Quarry Garden consist of a 700′ long stone retaining wall along the Eastern edge of the large lake.

Four ponds and a grassy meadow are surrounded by a variety of plantings and sculptures in the Meadow Garden.

The Japanese Garden exemplified the principles and philosophies of ‘Sukiya Living’ which embodies the garden as part of the total living environment.

The home is the principle piece of sculpture in the gardens and is the reason for which the gardens themselves exist.

The art in the garden has been acquired over a period of ten years starting in 1995. It is intended to play a secondary role to the gardens themselves as jewels and focal points of interest.

Schnormeier Gardens opens up an undiscovered world waiting to be fully explored both in the natural and spiritual sense.