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Peace, harmony, serenity. These are gifts that gardens give.


As you explore our grand vistas and intimate niches, we hope you’ll find tranquility here…and inspiration.


Schnormeier Gardens are located in the gentle rolling hills of central Ohio. We began building the gardens in 1996. Over the years they have grown to include fifty acres of manicured lawns, ten lakes, a variety of discrete garden areas and several waterfalls.



The focal point of the property is a spectacular Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home. This private residence was completed in 1994. Other structures on the property include a Japanese teahouse, garden house, Chinese pavilion and arched bridge. An ever growing collection of unique sculptures are also located on the grounds.


Our gardens have a distinct Asian flavor and feature a variety of plantings rich in color and texture. Rare conifers are plentiful here. Large boulders and stone walls add dimension and contrast to the landscape. Designed with a bold vision and attention to detail, the gardens offer delightful viewing in any season.


It has been said that a garden can have a soul…but only if it is shared with others. We are delighted to share ours with you.

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Schnormeier Gardens
8701 Laymon Road
Gambier, Ohio 43022

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Schnormeier Gardens are located southeast of Mount Vernon, Ohio, near the village of Gambier. From Mount Vernon, follow State Route 229 east for approximately 5 miles. Turn right onto Laymon Road. Follow Laymon Road for about 1-1/2 miles until you see the gardens on your right.


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Schnormeier Gardens Was Selected Among Top Ten Favorite Gardens in the World!


Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine May 2008 issue asked garden experts to recommend their favorite garden from anywhere in the world. That list is as follows:


York Gate Garden, Leeds, England
Elk Rock Garden of Bishop’s Close, Portland, Oregon
Queen Califia’s Magical Circle, Escondido, California
Chanticleer, Wayne, Pennsylvania
Yell Dell Gardens, Crestwood, Kentucky
Noerenberg Gardens, Orono, Minnesota
Mount Stewart, Newtownards, Northern Ireland
Celia Thaxter’s Garden, Appledore Island, Maine
Hamilton Gardens, Hamilton, New Zealand


“The last thing you’d expect in the middle of the Midwest is a Japanese teahouse,” says designer Tracy DiSabato-Aust, author of The Well-Designed Mixed Garden. “The garden, owned by entrepreneur Ted Schnormeier and his wife, Ann, offers among many things–except a sense of place.” Indeed, the 75-acre garden in central Ohio is a monument to the unexpected. Along with a Chinese pavilion, there’s a Japanese zigzag bridge over a pond with Australian black swans. The Schnormeiers also added a waterfall, ten lakes, and dozens of sculptures. The garden is privately owned, and it’s open one week a year.



A spiritual journey of discovery in a created natural environment known as Schnormeier Gardens.


“Schnormeier Gardens: Peace, Harmony & Serenity” gained recognition as being among the top two garden books in the nation for 2010, earning an Independent Publisher Silver Medal.


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A spiritual journey of discovery in a created natural environment known as Schnormeier Gardens



Travel along on a spiritual journey of discovery as Schnormeier Gardens unfolds amid the tranquil rolling hills of central Ohio-from fallow fields and pasture to a world-class garden in little more than a decade. Drawing from symbolic and interpretive anthropology, the author presents themes of cultural diffusion from China and Japan to the American Midwest in describing the imaginative process behind creation of an Asian stroll garden in the heart of Ohio. Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine rates the 75-acre Schnormeier Gardens among the top 10 garden destinations in the world, as well as “a monument to the unexpected.” Ted and Ann Schnormeier built their Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired dream home and then began integrating architecture and landscaping with a Japanese teahouse, garden house, and Chinese pavilion among numerous built-in ponds, waterfalls and streams. The book outlines each of seven distinct areas within the gardens, such as the Woodland Garden, the Chinese Cup Garden, and the Meadow Garden. Threads of peace, harmony and serenity are reflected metaphorically in the display ponds along with the Schnormeier’s vision of the garden. In addition to a visual portrayal of the gardens through four seasons, the book chronicles the historical progression of Schnormeier Gardens including the most recent addition of a garden section known as “The Quarry” featuring lush hanging gardens. Perhaps the true garden aficionado would find the large variety of rare and exotic conifers as the opus magnum of Schnormeier Gardens. Many of these unique plants are described and/or pictorially represented in the book–as well as referenced in an annotated plant index–along with the glossary and bibliography.  Recently, the book “Schnormeier Gardens: Peace, Harmony & Serenity” gained recognition as being among the top two garden books in the nation for 2010, earning an Independent Publisher Silver Medal.

Hardcover: 207 pages

Publisher: Cottage House Publishing (2010)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0982405901

ISBN-13: 978-0982405901


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