Garden Etiquette

Please enjoy your visit to Schnormeier Gardens. The Gardens have been created as a place of quiet and beauty and a place to commune with nature.They are not a place for recreation or picnics. Help us insure the Gardens beauty for others and safety for yourselves by observing the following rules. Thank you!

Personal Safety


Watch small children at all times.  The lakes are deep and the banks are steep.


The wet rocks are very slippery.  Don’t cross the streams or walk in them.


Do not throw rocks in the water.

Please Do Not


Bring pets into the Garden


Smoke in the Garden


Pick the Flowers


Swim or wade in the ponds or fish


Climb on the rocks


Ride wheeled vehicles

Please Do


Walk on the grass


Take photographs


Wear shoes


Wear shirts

We’re Not Responsible for Accidents

Enjoy your visit to Schnormeier Gardens!