Stream Garden

The Stream Garden is the latest discrete garden area to be completed. The focal point of the Stream Garden is a four hundred foot long, six hundred gallon per minute roaring mountain stream cascading through densely planted adjacent beds and falling fifty feet in that distance.

The stream terminates at the central lake (number six) by flowing under a ten-foot hand carved granite arch bridge. It is anchored on one corner by a bronze sculpture of a small boy gathering crabs and referred to as 'Crab Boy'. It then continues upstream through the area directly south of the house, over two waterfalls and several placid pools surrounded by large rocks, conifers and a hand carved granite Japanese lantern.

The small round pool at the head of the second waterfalls is is the outlet for a significant fresh water spring. This spring provided water for the original farmhouse that was on this property for one hundred years and was sited in the same area as the present house. Where the larger pool is located was the mud wallow for the pigs and just south of this area was the barn. Needless to say, this immediate area has an abundance of fertile soil!

Continuing west, the stream flows over a shallow area that is a ford to walk across or drive equipment through. To the South is the first of four pieces of bronze sculpture by Charles Reina of Long Island, New York. They are a series titled 'Beginnings I, II, III & IV' and symbolize the beginning of spring and life in the form of stylized bulbs just beginning to emerge. The remaining three pieces are located in the rocky outcroppings about half way up the stream and just North of another stream crossing.

The stonework that forms and defines the streams was placed late in 2001. In the fall of 2002, over fifty varieties of ornamental trees were planted in the adjacent beds. In the spring of 2003 the remaining planting of woody shrubs, perennials and groundcovers were placed.

One can continue upstream on grass paths on both sides of the stream to a large waterfall and enter the Serenity Garden.

Please enjoy your stroll through the Stream Garden and your visit to the Gardens and the grand vistas and intimate niches. We hope that you will find inspiration here.








Headwaters of mountain stream in Serenity Garden






Mountain stream waters plunging over waterfalls






Springtime and the Hellebores are in full bloom






Flautist calling for spring






Springtime! The mountain stream plantings at their best






Cherry trees at their best






Cherry blossoms up close






Another cherry tree  with delicate blossoms






Kobus Magnolia in full bloom







Kobus Magnolias huge blossom






'Beginnings' bronze sculptures--representing the emerging of spring bulbs













Mid-stream with Hellebores in spring






Bottom of stream in summer






Frogs grow BIG here






Boy gathering crabs






Mouth of mountain stream






Mouth of mountain stream






Trough with miniature conifers--one of many






You are being watched






Last waterfalls in Stream






The beauty of winter