Woodland Garden

Take a leisurely half-mile long walk through a ravine and along a shady woodland stream. Among the natural rock ledges and indigenous vegetation you’ll find stone benches and whimsical sculptures. Also, you may well meet some of the many resident wildlife inhabitants such as whitetail deer, wild turkey, squirrels, chipmunks and many birds. The woodland area is defined from the Meadow Garden by the dry laid stonewall built in 2003 by David Kridler, an expert stone artist. 

The path terminates at the northwest corner of the Serenity Garden in the Conifer Forest. One may start or finish at either end. The easiest walk will be starting from the Conifer Forest and ending in the Meadow Garden. This direction prevents walking up a fairly long and steep hill.

Plans are currently underway for several Asian style structures to be constructed in the near future. There will be an entrance gate structure at both ends of the path. Also, a bridge and a Japanese resting house are contemplated. The old brick spring house has received an Asian style curved roof and will continue to add interest into the future from it previous incarnation as a source of water for the residence on the property. More whimsical sculpture and plantings will be forthcoming as well. 

Please enjoy your visit to the Gardens and the grand vistas and intimate niches. We hope you will find peace and tranquility here.











Japanese style entrance gate to Woodland Garden






A large Beech tree say 'I've got my eye on you!'






This is the remains of a Chestnut tress that was wiped out in the 1920's blight. In 2008 it fell to the forest floor.






Beware the pack of wolves!






An American Indian, an extinct species of the Ohio woodlands







Yes, even cougars used to roam these woodland!






Early Spring -- Trillium in bloom






Virginia Bluebells -- Aren't they wonderful?






More spring flowers






Even more spring flowers






Japanese Resting House






Bamboo framed window in Japanese Resting  House






Lets take a stroll through the woods -- all you have to do is follow the path






One of the five small dams in ravine






Japanese Spring House






View of Long Bridge after a refreshing rain






Long Bridge again from different perspective






Long bridge is 65 feet long and was completed in 2009






How refreshing the woods are after a delightful shower






VERY colorful maple leaves in October






After Fall comes Winter -- one of the four bridges in the Woodland Garden