Quarry Garden

The Quarry Garden is the most recent creation and discrete garden area to be initiated in Schnormerier Gardens. On July 1st, 2008 the excavation began for what is to be the largest project to date within the gardens. In total it will consist of a 700' long stone retaining wall along the Eastern edge of the large lake, a 'quarry' of approximately 200' width, 70' depth and a height of 18' at the rear over which a waterfall will plummet into a lake level pool and meander into the lake. The entire area will be home to a significant number of rare conifers and other pendulous plants that will form a lush hanging garden. The totality of the structure will require in excess of one thousand tons of limestone blocks which started arriving on July 15th, 2008.







Undisturbed Site for New Quarry Garden





Close-up of Quarry Garden Model





Overlooking Model to Site for Quarry Garden





Bob Stovicek Marking Outline of Quarry Garden





First Bucket of Earth Is Removed





Excavation is Well Underway





Excavation is Being Observed by Ted and Grandson Dylan





Pushing Clay in Very Wet Area of Spring






Video of Digging and Filling Is Underway






That Is Probably Far Enough!





First Loads of Rock Arrive





Unloading Rock





Clamshell Grabs Rock to Set in Place






Completed Quarry One Year Later





Waterfalls Is Operational





Water Cascading to Collection Area of Beach Pebbles