Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden was designed and executed by Ann Schnormeier and Tom Wade of Wade & Gatton Nurseries of Bellville, Ohio in 1994--the year we moved into our new home.

The garden exemplified the principles and philosophies of 'Sukiya Living' which embodies the garden as part of the total living environment. It plays a supporting role to the lead actor: the house. After all, the garden is viewed from within the house, and the person who benefits from those views almost always spends more time inside than outside.

The garden is composed of a number of basic elements: gravel and rock beds separated by a winding stone path, a Japanese lantern, a coin fountain, a large stone boulder, as well as a number of carefully selected and placed trees and shrubs. Among them are a Japanese maple, umbrella pine, goldmop chamaecyparis and numerous thymes and sedums.






Japanese Garden Path





Japanese Garden -- Lush indeed!





Japanese Garden "Rain Chain" in lieu of downspouts





Eternal Woman     David Hostetler     Bronze

Photo Gallery of Eternal Woman




Eternal Woman sniffing Star Magnolia





Sukiya Living --  objective of garden is to be viewed from inside the home





Wintertime in the Japanese Garden





Snow! Snow! Snow! Ice! Ice! Ice! WINTER IN OHIO!