"I would like to thank you for a tour of a lifetime! Your gardens are beautiful, peaceful and artistic, and they are like heaven on earth! I am very impressed by your passion and generosity! Most importantly, I am impressed by you, a funny and genuine person. I can easily tell why you are a highly successful person."
     -Gary Gao, Ph.D., Extension Educator and Associate Professor, The Ohio State University Extension-Delaware Country


"I returned to Sanibel on Wednesday afternoon, but ever since Sunday I have been thinking about how truly amazing and wonderful your gardens (and house) are. Actually, I am just about over the top with incredible thoughts about everything you have done. The array of unusual trees and every other kind of plant, the delightful arrangement of everything, the cup garden, the tea house, the waterfalls, the fish...and best of all is the statuary and sculptures! Way beyond AMAZING!!"
     -Tim Gardner


“Thank you for the loveliest day in the 2007 summer.”
    -Helen Clark, Granville Garden Club, Granville, Ohio –


“After we left your gardens the bus was buzzing with all sorts of comments – the well placed sculptures, the waterfalls, the ponds, the tea house, and the variety of plants!  It was difficult for us to believe that your gardens are so new!  And, we all laughed about saving thousands of dollars by visiting your gardens – now, we won’t have to travel to Asia to see such wonderful gardens!” 

“I pride myself on being familiar with a wide genre of plants, but I have to say that I saw many plants for the first time in your gardens.  Even some of the more common plants were artfully placed, or trimmed in a deliberate manner that made them seem exotic and unusual.  Very tastefully designed and presented.”
    -Mary C. Maloney, Outreach & Development, The Chadwick Arboretum & Learning Gardens, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio –


“I came across heaven.  Frank Lloyd Wright is my passion and out of the blue comes a house that reminded me of Fallingwater, yet Asian.  This all took my breath away!  How could such beauty exist a couple of miles away from Wal Mart and the cornfields?  The Gardens are breathtaking!”
    -Charlotte Brennan, Apple Valley, Howard, Ohio –


“As an Air Force wife, I have lived on three continents and I’ve seen indescribable beauty, but I’ve never felt that beauty as I did in your place.  There’s a difference.  I want to thank you for allowing us there as your last showing of the season.”
    -Marge Alexander, Anderson, South Carolina –


“The Moundbuilder’s Rose Society thank you for guiding us on such an informative tour of your gardens.  Walking in the lush grass, seeing rare plantings among huge boulders, hearing the rippling and roaring of the waterfalls, sitting in the Japanese houses, and all the other personal experiences of the day, brought a calm to hectic lives.” 

“It is a great memory, shared with friends who appreciate God’s handiwork and all your efforts to bring beauty and tranquility to your home.  Thanks for sharing with us!”
    -Karen D. Burkey, Vice-President, Moundbuilders Rose Society, Alexandria, Ohio