Schnormeier Residence (Main House)


The home is the principle piece of sculpture in the gardens. It is the reason for which the gardens themselves exist. It was designed by Ted and Ann Schnormeier in 1992. It was inspired by Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright. Construction was commenced in April of 1993 and completed in April of 1994.
























Eternal Women


David Hostetler

Photo Gallery of Eternal Woman



Large Gong


Tom Torrens




Buddha Head


There is a large Buddha head on the deck at Fallingwater. Our deck would be empty and incomplete without one as well. 




General & Officer


Kneeling Archer

Terracotta Warriors

The original terra cotta warriors were discovered in 1976 in Xian, China when a peasant was digging a well.

There were thousands of them guarding the tomb of the Emperor. We visited the tomb and the warriors on a tour of China in 1995 and acquired these three reproductions made in the same area with the same material and methods as the originals. The now protect the entrance to our home.





The Family Tree

Bronze     1997

Robert J. Stovicek

40th wedding anniversary

Surprise gift from Ann to Ted






Richard Mayer






Richard Mayer